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Empowering Women Through Personal Coaching and Community Building

As you join EDG Coaching Programs and Groups you are adding your voice to people everywhere who are ready for a shift. The only way we can change the world around us, is to start the change within ourselves. Let's raise...to uncover our truths, dust off our dreams and reach for the stars!

No Cookie Cutter Approach Here!

We know that no two people are the same.

Every Day Girl Business Breakthrough and Personal Development Coaching is about our clients strengthening their individuality, finding their voice, and impacting the world.

We strive for a one-on-one coaching model as much as possible because we believe that is how habits change and results are driven.

We want to make sure you have a coach by your side as you learn, if that is your choice.

You pick how much personal coaching is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any coaching success depends on the willingness of an individual to participate. If you show up with a open-mind, willingness to try, and a "possibility mindset", I guarantee coaching will work for you. 

You may complete any one of the programs on your own. Some people find in the middle of a course, they may feel stuck and unable to complete. This is very normal. You will receive weekly emails that give you contact info for one-on-one coaching should you need some inspiration. Our goal is to have you complete your program, never be shy about reaching out if you hit a roadblock. 

Our workbooks and videos that are included in our programs are designed as coaching sessions but without a physical coach.

One-on-One Coaching includes a 45 minute session each week for 12 weeks. We do breathing and mindset work and each client receives 12-weeks of unlimited access via text and emails.

Welcome Friends

Thanks for being here.

As a Business Breakthrough and Personal Development Coach, my passion is found inside of the hidden potential of my clients.

Most of them, and perhaps you too, have come to believe stories that somehow they just didn't measure up and didn't have what it takes to succeed. 

It is such a joy for me to watch as our tools and stories help others gain courage, be inspired and find innovative ways to design lives and businesses that bring them peace and change the direction of their worlds.

I am honored to share a few moments with you, I don't take that lightly.

Peace and love,


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