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Learning to Trust Yourself

stress free Jan 03, 2021

We made it, it's the new year, celebrate!

What a crazy, confusing and difficult year it was. Did anyone else feel like it lasted forever? There was so much going on, both internally and externally that it was hard to keep up, even though I had nowhere to go. It was nice to see the end of it.

Of course, with the end of one year and the start of another, we all have huge hope for change, am I right?

Here we are ready to change actions, attitudes, habits and adopt healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles to "live our best lives".

I'm with you.

I have a few online courses planned to educate me and books I want to read, I made some business goals and planned to reach out to my friends more often because if I learned anything from this last year, none of us has near enough friends. I also have a plan for some weight loss.

This last year, during the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders, I learned new skills like breadmaking and cooking new delicious at-home meals. The problem is, it wreaked havoc...

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Slow Down to Get More Done

Do you wish it was easier to create healthy habits that support you instead of wear you out?

Would you like more time every day to focus on your goals?

Believe it or not, a small amount of time spent meditating or praying can do just that.

You see, when you slow down your nervous system it helps to focus your mind, reduce stress and increases memory, attention span and learning concentration according to a Columbia University Medical Center Study.... https://sos.columbia.edu>news>how-mediation-can-help-you-focus.

I often hear people say they don’t have time for prayer or meditation because they are so busy.

One of the most significant ways to handle the stress of busyness is to actually slow down.

What better way to do that than take a few minutes going inward and concentrating on your breath, gratitude, or joy.

Yes, it takes a little practice, but there are so many great apps out there to help. Try Calm, Headspace or Unplug. I use all three, and they are fantastic at...

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