Happy Valentine Day

Sep 30, 2019

I wish you love...

Not necessarily the romantic, gushy kind of love (although kudos to you if you have that).

I wish you the kind of love that is like a solid post when you feel your feet coming out from under you. A knowing that will snap you out of bad decisions when you feel one coming on. A set of values that you can count on when you need a guiding star.

Do you have these things in your life?

When faced with challenges or a need, to be honest about who you are, do you hide? Are you afraid that the people around you will ditch you because it feels like everyone always does?  I wish for you to be brave. Brave in the face of overcoming adversity.

We, humans, have such a fantastic ability to cover up the things that suck in our lives. We have such an insatiable need to appear a certain way, and we are terrified to show our insecurities.

I wish for you to love yourself and each other so much that you can dare to be real about your struggles, to lean on the people that love you most when you need comfort and healing.

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