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What A Scare!

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019

I am a Health Coach, a Life Coach, a Business Coach and a Spiritual Coach. I am not a heart-attack person, But here I sat in my drafty gown with a heart monitor attached to my chest.

As my feet dangled from the ER table, all I could think about was that I am two, 45-minute classes away from my certification as an Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, one of my proudest accomplishments.

I love to think of myself as a healthy human; up until this moment, able to take on almost any task. But, maybe that was the problem. I just kept loading up one thing after another on my plate, all the while believing that I had time to do it.

Listen to me! We can only do so much before we break. Yes, we can do anything, but is it what's best for us?

All of my medical tests have been extremely positive. I have the blood pressure of a 20-year-old, no diabetes and no significant concerns about my health, and although I wish I could find more time for exercise (self-care anyone), I still consider myself in good shape.  All of this and I have made it to the ripe old age of 55 and don't take any medication.

So what happened?

Do you see that stunning and authentic photo (sarcasm) above, of me? That was in the hospital this past week, where I sat with severe chest pains, heaviness in my left arm and a heart monitor in my gown.

I hit a wall, and it turns out, that wall looks and feels a lot like a heart attack, but it was not. It was something just as deadly, "STRESS"!

For all my teaching and preaching about health and good habits; I have let stress and anxiety pile on lately. One small task at a time added up to feeling like I am drowning in over-commitment, but my ego kept telling me to push on. 

The most challenging part is that I know better. I know that running on little sleep and hectic schedules create stress. And I also know that juggling too many plates usually leads to dropping all of them. Isn't it funny how we keep learning the same lesson over until we get it?

Overall, I am grateful that I am here and able to right the choices I have made; I recognize that some people don't get chances like that, and I am committed to making the best of it.

I hope by sharing this, my vulnerable story, that I may help even one person to avoid this kind of wake up call.

Let's slow down this week.  Let's take the time to care for ourselves and our souls.

May we all remember to surrender and let go on our exhale this week.

I look forward to having you join me on my health quest of self-care, surrender and ease.

Who couldn't use more of that?




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