Learning to Trust Yourself

stress free Jan 03, 2021

We made it, it's the new year, celebrate!

What a crazy, confusing and difficult year it was. Did anyone else feel like it lasted forever? There was so much going on, both internally and externally that it was hard to keep up, even though I had nowhere to go. It was nice to see the end of it.

Of course, with the end of one year and the start of another, we all have huge hope for change, am I right?

Here we are ready to change actions, attitudes, habits and adopt healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles to "live our best lives".

I'm with you.

I have a few online courses planned to educate me and books I want to read, I made some business goals and planned to reach out to my friends more often because if I learned anything from this last year, none of us has near enough friends. I also have a plan for some weight loss.

This last year, during the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders, I learned new skills like breadmaking and cooking new delicious at-home meals. The problem is, it wreaked havoc on my waistline, so I have a few of my own new year resolutions.

I loved the warmth and goodness of comfort food, especially when it felt like much of the world was in such chaos. Thinking about changing these new comfort foods seems daunting, and I'm not crazy about letting go.

So far, I have woke every morning with a half-assed attitude about taking that walk or drinking the morning green smoothie I promised myself. 

The one thing I know from experience, though is this, that promise is key.

How often do we resolve and break it? We tell ourselves it won't matter because no one else is being hurt by not showing up on that treadmill. We will skip today and get back on tomorrow, then maybe the next day...on and on it goes.

Is it true that that broken resolution is hurting no one but you?

If I own and live into the promise I make to myself, everything in my life gets better; I know this because I was once in great shape and felt amazing. I landed a great job, had the energy to spend much of my waking hours gaining clients. I felt great, and it showed in every aspect of my life. I did show-up differently. Was it the exercise, or was it the internal trust I built with myself giving me energy? 

Can I challenge you?

If you have a goal or desire you want to work on this year. Make it a promise to yourself to move the needle closer to your result every day, even on the hard days. It will be worth it, not only for you but everyone around you. 

When you hear the old familiar voice in your head tell you that it's ok to put off what you know needs to be done, tell it to go to hell.

That voice isn't your friend, I am.

I'm here to challenge you to move your butt toward that goal and literally get up and do the thing you know needs to be done. Make the call, walk the walk, do what you need to do for yourself.

If you need to process how hard it was, after its completion, that's ok. I got you.

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