Are You Serious or Sincere?

Jul 10, 2019

As I was working on one of my Master Circles this morning, I came across a sentence where Jason Goldberg said, "The opposite of serious is sincere".

It made me think of all the times I have said things like, "This is serious business", or "People won't take you seriously if you don't do XYZ".

I sat and thought about what this meant for me.

As a hard-working individual and one that is prone to perfectionism, judgement and self-attack, it dawned on me that I have a hard time being sincere, even with myself. After all, isn't rolling up your sleeves and putting in hours and hours of work serious business?

I believe it is more comfortable because it can mean I am doing a good job, but I can keep you at a distance. That comes from not feeling "good enough" which seems to be a universal problem among the human race.

Being sincere is risky, scary and authentic.

When faced with sharing on online platforms, which is where I find most of my fabulous clients, it is easy to be in constant comparisons with others in this industry.

The more sincere my peers are, the more followers they appear to have.

But it seems natural and easy for them, or is it?

We all struggle with the realness of being seen, with the chance we may be ridiculed or harassed.

But do you know what? The people who do it anyway, they are the ones that will change the world.

My audience won't get the help they need if I don't show up as myself and bring my real-world tools to their assistance. I have a lot of tools, my friends. There are lessons I have acquired through the school of hard knocks. These will benefit anyone who wants to live a happier life, build a fantastic business or create a peaceful sanctuary they call home.

So, who am I, and what are these tools?

I'm an everyday girl. Who learned how to be an Every Day Girl, which means I learned to show up and work Every. Single. Day.

I grew up in the Midwest in a moderately dysfunctional home (like most of us). There were step-families and extended families, lots going on, and I was the youngest of all of them. So time and attention were lost to me.

I had some pretty incredible spiritual experiences as a kid, which served to make me feel as though I was "strange", "different", and an "outcast".

The secrets about these incidents stayed locked away a good long time, and I find it difficult to share them, even today for fear of others judgements.

Because I was the youngest child out of eight, I felt overlooked, unless I was getting in trouble, and although I tried it, I didn't care for that much.

So I found an alternative attention-getting technique.

Work and make money!

It seemed to be the way to garner positive attention from my family and get love.

So, as soon as I was old enough, this was my life.

I cherished the times my dad and mom would say something about me being the "hard-worker" in the family. It stroked my ego and made me feel so much better about my insecure self.

I also loved being the person who could help rescue any family member when they needed financial help.

Maybe I could prove myself worthy of their love? Nope, it doesn't work that way, as I found out.

That action served to create a responsibility habit that continued to suck the life out of me, until just a few years ago.

It took many years of therapy, to learn boundaries and rules about when and how to assist others so that I could be of real value to them.

My love of coaching was born here. Sadly, it is almost impossible to coach one's own family.

While growing successful businesses and rescuing people from bad choices and bad habits, I became involved with personal development, this was a game-changer for me.

This outlet is what turned my world around and turned me on.

Personal development has helped me through tragic break-ups, a bad marriage, heartwrenching miscarriages, relationship struggles, health challenges and the seemingly impossible stress of creating successful businesses.

I have studied with some of the worlds greatest coaches, mentors and speakers and have finally created my very own system of coaching that I am excited to share.

My work has taken me on a journey where I discovered incredible methodologies and tricks of the trade. Although these have been life-changing, I feel like the people I serve needed something to move the needle in their lives faster and easier.

My belief is that there is greatness in every person, and if it is left unnurtured, it could stifle their particular purpose.

This belief was the reason I pursued my dream of coaching.

I teach others to have the confidence to be sincere, the courage to be heard and clarity to see their bright and impactful future.

My Simple Coaching Programs make it easier, more personal and streamlined to get the results clients are looking for when they hire a coach.

I can't wait to visit more about it!

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